Victory in the Wilderness

— an Intentional Easter Devotional

You are invited to come along on this journey of seeking to be intentional with the Easter Season. To look at several areas of our life where we can live an overcoming life.

a call to intention

Life has been wearing you down. You desire a closer walk with Jesus, but the pull of life keeps getting in the way. Your day to day is filled from sun up to sun down and you keep telling yourself, "maybe tomorrow." Life feels a bit like a wilderness, there's a lot of tangled brush to wade through and it's easy to get lost.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Maybe the wilderness is a place where you can grow closer to God. Maybe it's a place where you can shed the weight of the world's expectations and find your rest in Jesus.

Come along on this 7 week journey of intentionally focusing on areas in our life where we can draw closer to Jesus. Set to be read in the weeks leading up to Easter, it will prepare your heart for Resurrection Sunday and a life of intention that goes beyond the holiday.


“A delight”

“Victory in the Wilderness” was a great book to point all aspects of my life in the right direction this Easter season. I didn’t feel any pressure to do one more thing with this easy to read devotional. It was a delight to read through with my coffee in the morning! “


“Thought provoking”

“I really appreciated how concise this book was. Each topic includes a Bible verse to consider and prayer, making it short, sweet, and thought-provoking. A couple of the chapter topics were concepts I haven’t ever connected to Lent and were good to think about as I prepare my heart for Easter!”


“Easy read”

“Easy read but thought provoking. This a heart felt piece of real life writing. It would be a great gift. I actually bought several paperback copies for this purpose.”

start your Easter season with intention



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7 short devotions


Scripture, guided prayer, and reflection questions to help you go deeper


Nichole Suvar


Hello! I’m Nichole and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, wife to Paul, and mother to 3 minions — Owen, Hannah, and Madeline. I have struggled with anxiety for over 30 years and it’s my desire to help others know that they are created for a purpose and that even the struggle of anxiety can be a tool to help point us to our Savior and live a life that brings Him glory.

I am not silent about my struggle with anxiety and for years I was known as the worry-wart of the family. Today, I love to see others make the connection between mental health and their walk with Christ, knowing He loves them regardless of their struggles and that He can use even the most broken vessel.